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An Overview of Smith Mountain Lake

As you may already know, the Smith Mountain Lake area is a beautiful place to visit, live part time or take up full time residency. Sometimes called the “Lake Tahoe of the East” or the “Gem of the East”, Smith Mountain Lake lays in the middle of the foothills of south central Virginia surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Mountain ranges can be seen in every direction and the Peaks of Otter in Bedford County reach 4000 feet above sea level and can be seen for miles.  Smith Mountain Lake has over 20,000 surface acres of water covering 32 Square Miles and has over 500 miles of waterfrontage to enjoy.  Since the lake is over 230 feet deep at the dam and still over 100 feet deep 15 miles away where Rt. 122 crosses the lake, the water quality is pristine and is a beautiful blue green color.  On top of all that we have four separate seasons with snow in the winter and moderate temperatures through out the year.

Smith Mountain Lake was man made over 40 years ago for Hydroelectric Power and Recreation. The water level of the lake is maintained at approximately the same level the entire year creating a very user friendly body of water for waterfront property owners, boaters and fishermen. The terrain around the lake varies from almost flat to very steep conditions presenting a variety of views.

Smith Mountain Lake waterfront properties range from wooded and secluded to golf course homes and clubhouses to everything in between. In addition to Waterfront Properties, there are Water Access Homes and Lots that allow boat ramp access as well as Off Water Homes and Lots that are within 5 minutes of the lake and marinas or 30 minutes away up in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

For more details regarding AEP and Smith Mountain Lake, visit http://smithmtn.com/. For more information and images about Smith Mountain Lake Dam, visit www.roanoke.com/smithmountainlake/history/dam.html.