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Local Information about the Smith Mountain Lake Area

As you may already know, the Smith Mountain Lake area is a beautiful place to visit or to live full time. Sometimes called the “Lake Tahoe of the East,” Smith Mountain Lake lays in the foothills surrounded the Blue Ridge Mountains with peaks ranging up to 4000 feet in elevation that can be seen in the distance. Smith Mountain Lake itself has over 20,000 surface acres of water, that’s over 30 square miles, with over 500 miles of shoreline. The terrain at Smith Mountain Lake varies from almost flat to very steep and the views range from sunrise & sunset to secluded woods. It usually takes a few visits to Smith Mountain Lake to get a good feel of the lake and where you would like to live. The lake itself was man made forty years ago to produce hydroelectric power and the water level is maintained at approximately the same level year round producing a very user friendly lake for boaters and home owners with boat houses. Area amenities include excellent health care facilities and many locally owned restaurants and shops. Communities range from public and private golf course communities to communities with club houses and pools to very private areas on the lake.

As an experienced real estate agent at Smith Mountain Lake, Jim will be able to show you beautiful waterfront property and water access homes and lots as well as off water property nestled in the surrounding mountains. There are also numerous “investment” opportunities in both the commercial and private sectors available due to the tremendous growth around the Smith Mountain Lake area. Smith Mountain Lake property is still in its infancy and new opportunities prevail themselves everyday.

Please check out our section explaining various types of real estate available in the area. This section will explain the varying types of property available in the Smith Mountain Lake area and will also provide bench mark prices for that type of property.

Smith Mountain Lake Property Types And Approximate Prices