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Local Amenities in the Smith Mountain Lake Area

You’ve no doubt heard a lot of good things about the pristine waters of Smith Mountain Lake with it’s hundreds of miles of shoreline and views of the Blue Ridge Mountains in every direction. You may also have heard that Smith Mountain Lake real estate is in a rural setting without the hustle and bustle of a big time city within its grasp. What you may not have heard about are all the new amenities that are now located around the lake. New businesses are sprouting up every year and have helped to provide the support needed for not only seasonal residents but full time residents as well. Smith Mountain Lake is now a “Stand Alone Lake”.

Listed below are links to a few of the businesses that you may need if you’re planning a visit to Smith Mountain Lake or are purchasing a property here at Smith Mountain Lake. For other lake businesses not listed below, please check the Smith Mountain Lake Chamber of Commerce web site that’s included.

Please Note: The Smith Mountain Lake Chamber of Commerce and Visitor’s Center are both located in the same building at the Hales Ford Bridge Bridgewater Plaza. They are open 7 days a week except for a few holidays and they are a great source of information, maps and material for the entire Smith Mountain Lake area and surrounding counties. Please stop in or link to them from this site.