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Note: To better refine your search to see only the properties you want, please read the following directions.  They will help your search immensely.

  •   Under “Property Types”, choose Residential for Houses or Land for Vacant Property.
  •   Under “Residential Types”, choose Attached for Condos or Detached for Houses.
  •   Under “Major Area”, I leave this blank.
  •   Under “Area”, pick the county you are interested in or leave blank if you want to see all property on Smith Mtn. Lake.  Note:  Bedford County is on the north side of the lake, Franklin County is on the south side the lake and Pittsylvania County is on the southeast corner of the lake.
  •   Under “Water Class”, choose the type of property you want.  N/A is Off Water, Water Access is not on the water but has a boat ramp in the subdivision, Waterfront Community – No Access means the subdivision is close to the lake but does not have a boat ramp to access the lake and Waterfront is on the lake.
  •   Under “Water ID”, choose the body of water you are interested in being on.
  •   Under “Status of Active”, Active means the listing is actively being marketed, Closed means the property has already been Sold.
  •   All the rest of the search headers should be self explanatory.  If you have any questions, just let me know.

Good luck in your search and I hope this simplifies things for you.  Call me if you have any questions.

Jim Singleton  540-493-7253