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Searching for Real Estate Listings at Smith Mountain Lake the Easy Way

There are three easy ways to view listings for Smith Mountain Lake real estate and they are follows:

1. For those who enjoy working on the computer, you can proceed directly to our local MLS and set up your own search parameters and find the listings on your own or you can click on one of the preset searches provided.  If you have any questions getting started, please contact Jim and he’ll help you.

Proceed to the Smith Mountain Lake local MLS listings.

2. For those who would rather fill in a few blanks on a check off form, you can send the auto-email form directly to Jim and he’ll use your information to send you listings that match your parameters. This tightens up the number of listings you’ll receive due to the additional parameters you provided compared to searching on your on.  You can also send Jim any additional parameters you would like to search by and he will incorporate them into the search for you.

3. The last method is to simply pick up the phone and call Jim toll free to tell him the type Smith Mountain Lake property you’re interested in and ask any questions that you may have.  He will then complete the search for you and email you the listings that fit your needs.

800-721-1247: Office, Toll Free
540-493-7253: Direct