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Smith Mountain Lake Waterfront Homes, Condos/Townhouses and Waterfront Lots

Waterfront property is probably the most sought after type of property in the world and we have over 500 miles of Smith Mountain Lake property adjoining the lakefront providing this unique opportunity. Several factors affect the prices of Smith Mountain Lake waterfront homes and lots. The following are examples: Location of the waterfront lot on the lake — close to shops & restaurants or more remote areas, the type of view the lot has – a wide water view/mountain view/sunrise view/sunset view/cove view, water depth at the shoreline, slope of lot — flat/gentle/varied/down slope, amount of waterfront, the size of the lot, the ability to build a dock on the lot and the type of neighborhood the lot is in, just to name a few.

Marginal Lots Due to Location, Slope, Ability to Build a Dock, etc.:
Approximately $75,000 – $150,000
Marginal Houses on the Above Lot: $300,000 – $500,000

Average Lot with Gentle to Varied Slope:
Approximately $200,000 – $300,000
Average House on Above Lot: $400,000 – $750,000

Nicer Lots with Good Views and Gentle Slopes: $300,000 and up
Nicer Homes on Above Lot: $600,000 and up

Smith Mountain Lake Condos/Townhouses

1 Bedroom, No Deeded Dock, 300 – 400sf, water view, water access close by:
$100,000 – $150,000
2 Bedroom, No Deeded Dock, 600 – 100sf, water view, water access close by:
2 Bedroom, Deeded Dock, 1000 – 1800sf, water view:
3 Bedroom, Deeded Dock, 1800 – 4000sf, water view:
$350,000 – 650,000

Maintenance Free Single Family Homes

3 Bedroom Water Access Houses, 1300 – 2300sf, pool, beach: $200,000+
3 Bedroom Duplexes, Deeded Dock, 2000 – 3200sf, water view, pool:
3 Bedroom Free Standing, Deeded Dock, 2000 – 3600sf, pool:

Please Note: All above prices are approximate and vary depending on market condition as well as location, view, terrain and many other factors.

Smith Mountain Lake Property Types And Approximate Prices